para-klesis : coming alongside to help


We are a network of experienced consultants, who offer a varied menu of opportunities…

~ starters ~

Reflective conversations – talking it through to someone with a listening ear to help in your thinking and decision-making.

Mindful language – help with report writing and editing, with someone reading through your material and offering feedback.

Resource brokering –   offering guidance about your ministry, connecting you to donors, like-minded practitioners and networks.

~ mains ~

Vision building  – using a variety of appreciative inquiry based processes,  or strategic log-frames to help with planning for your organisation.

‘Project cycle’ – all aspects including participatory strategic planning, implementation, evaluation and review, in a method that suits your needs.

Organisation Learning  –   help with design and delivery for your ministry  organisation through relational consultancy.

~ afters ~

Evaluation & Assessment  –  independent evaluations of projects & activities  involving people with local expertise.

Leadership Coaching –  confidential support and mentoring by experienced leaders via skype, phone or face-to-face, depending on location.

Inspiring storytelling –  help with informing and inspiring others though print and electronic media.


    ‘Changing organisations one conversation at a time’