Andy Wheeler


world mission adviser in Guildford Diocese

Andy Wheeler is Mission Pastor at St Saviour’s which basically means most things that happen beyond the four walls. “Everything from Alpha to Zanzibar” as he likes to say. He is married to Sue and they have two children – Clare travels the world with the Swingle Singers, and Mark travels the world with the Royal Marines.
Andy and Sue worked with the Church in East Africa for more than 20 years. African Christians have shaped their spiritual lives. Linking with and learning from the World Church are at the heart of their calling. All things African fascinate.
Locally Andy is committed to the unveiling of the Kingdom of God on the streets, in the neighbourhoods and businesses of Guildford. He can often be found on a Friday or Saturday night as a Street Angel.
Andy stays sane with the help of occasional teaching visits to Egypt and Sudan, playing the piano, and enquiry into the more obscure corners of church history.