We are a network of experienced consultants, who offer a varied menu of opportunities… here is a paragraph on various things on offer…

reflective conversations
We know that many leaders feel isolated. They cannot unburden themselves on anyone without a risk to confidentiality and loss of credibility. A listening ear and a few prompts to think through issues of concern can be available from people who know the situation quite well, have experience of similar situations or are complete outsiders who can listen attentively and be a ‘sounding board’ to think through different courses of action and their likely impact on a difficult situation.
organisational learning
Where do we go from here? It is good to take stock of the progress (or otherwise, perhaps!) of your organisation. There are several ways in which that can be done, from large scale consultation to a team review, but it is usually helpful to have an outsider to help ask the questions that get overlooked by those closest to the action. Issues may arise from seeing what effect the programme has on the beneficiaries and whether others are affected for better or worse as a consequence; whether the original vision has been lost and whether something should change; can the work be done more effectively or presented better.