Introducing John Martin

John Martin

John Kingsley Martin

A highly experienced writer and editor. Previously Director of Communications at the Anglican Communion Office; Editor of The Church of England Newspaper; Head of Communication at the Church Mission Society; currently Head of Communication for the Christian Medical Fellowship.


Help with plain English. This service is highly relevant Christian leaders whose first language is not English, but they need to write effective English-language prayer letters. articles or funding applications.

Book publishing. With many years experience in successfully placing negotiating authors’ work with publishers. Can advise on all aspect of from copy editing to print and distribution; creation and distribution of e-books. No fiction or poetry.

Consultancy for church mission action planning. Working with church councils and leadership teams to identify and execute.

Client Stories

An Anglican parish approached me for help. They wanted to grow numerically and spiritually. They said they were hemmed in by a ‘glass ceiling’ and they wished to find ways to break out and grow. I met with the team every three months for about two and a half years. During that time they parish identified options and models for growth and launched a ‘Fresh Expression’ project.


An African mission leader regularly engages my help to edit and improve English-language articles which he place in national newspapers. He also seeks script consultation for prayer letters and funding submissions to English-language partners and finders.


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