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John Hayward

During a working life spent mostly in charity-sector management I needed support and advice at times to facilitate a process of change or to establish clear processes for delivering objectives. Independent consultants were needed to evaluate work done, provide independent reports to donors or help assess what works and what might be done differently to strengthen the organisation and its staff. I am now in a position to provide such consultancy services for Christian organisations.

Much of my work has involved engaging in strategic planning and then developing, supervising and monitoring projects. To do this effectively has meant helping to train and mentor people. I believe that all development work is about empowering people, whether community members or the team of workers.

For 16 years I managed projects of different sorts and for 12 years I managed a mission society’s work with partner organisations and personnel in outreach programmes and community-based projects in parts of Asia. Apart from my practical experience I have a Masters degree in Development Management from The Open University. I have lived and worked in the eastern Caribbean and in Pakistan and worked briefly in a number of other countries.

I am in a co-operative of experienced missioners and managers who offer our consultancy services to mission agencies and churches as part of the activities of Faith2Share. Faith2Share is a membership organisation providing networking opportunities and advisory services to some 25 mission agencies, long-standing Western ones as well as new mission movements in India, South America and Africa in particular. It is lead by the Rev. Canon Mark Oxbrow.

I can be fully paid for any work I do for some NGOs. But for other agencies and churches that could use my services it is unlikely they will be able to afford a realistic remuneration or meet expenses. I will look to cover costs by doing several pieces of work during one visit to a country. And I need a modest income in the next 2 years to cover work costs and to meet living expenses before I can draw my pensions.

I plan to go to Sindh in October for 3 weeks at the invitation of Bishop Kaleem John in Hyderabad. I will renew my links with the church there. I will help to develop a renewed outreach strategy for church planting and help plan its resourcing from local people and funds as well as from the global church. I am in early talks with a local Christian-led NGO to do an evaluation of its work and so get help to cover the costs of the trip. A visit to Pakistan (visa and travel) costs about £800. I am supported by my local church.

I would welcome your support in my new ministry. If you give me your contact details I can tell you what work I have and how God is working through me and others with a vision for sharing the love of God revealed through Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and those I will work with. If I can get fully paid work, that would be good. But I would also like to help Christian organisations that cannot afford to use an international consultant. So, if you would also like to support my work financially you can give to Faith2Share in a tax efficient way, marking your gift Consultancy-JMH.

Thank you.

John Hayward


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